Atenas Ethnographic Film Festival

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

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The Ethnographic Film Festival of Athens continues the exploration to the anthropological world through the image in its 2nd edition is looking for films made from filmmakers with anthropological (or related) background including students’ works either as dissertations or as assignments along with films made by professional filmmakers or film students who had a collaboration with anthropologists or/and social scientists.

This ethnographic festival doesn’t have a competitive section but through its 3 main sections (Student’s Films, Panorama and Tributes) is aiming to look at the contemporary tendencies of visual anthropology but also at the roots of today’s directions. Additionally, during the festival there will be open discussions and presentations where we hope to engage in a dialogue on / with the future of  ethnographic film and audio-visual anthropology.

The festival addresses a wide audience, and it is an event where ethnographic films directed by anthropologists, or by professional filmmakers or by students, are seen together in a combined programme.

Two copies of the films should be submitted in DVD format, containing English sub-titles and they should be accompanied by a submission form (sent only via e-mail) in the address below. The form can be found here.

Submission Form: Form Participating Film 2011

The deadline for films submission is the 15th of July.

The address – for the films to be sent – is:

Athens Ethnographic Film Festival

P.O. Box 66009

155 01 Holargos

Athens, Greece